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Split System Air-Conditioning Geelong

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Yes, our Geelong domestic plumbers do this, too!
Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we can repair or install your split system air conditioning unit. We supply, install, maintain and repair most brands. Advise your brand at the time of inquiry, to see how our domestic plumbers can help you.

Should I buy a split system air-con?

Thinking of buying a split-system air-conditioner? You will want the best comfort and reliability around your home. Dormic Plumbers Geelong will help you choose the air-conditioner brand, and a system, that when installed will reduce energy expenditure. Split-system air-conditioner units;

Your home will benefit from a split system air-conditioner unit

Geelong Heating and Cooling Experts

Dormic Plumbers Geelong are specialised in providing brand and installation advice. Our Geelong plumbing experts work all year round. We will recommend the most affordable split system units and install, service and repair.

We will help you choose a split system air-conditioner that matches your home environment in the heat and in cooler months.

There are many things to consider and benefits to buying a Split System Air Conditioner.

You might want the benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: a simple, low budget, cooling option.
Or, a unit that offers both heating and cooling settings: Multi-Head Split Systems.

Choose a reverse cycle split system unit, to enjoy refrigerated air-conditioning without having to commit to a ducted system.

Reverse cycle split systems are clean, quiet, and easy to install Air-Conditioner units. Reverse cycle split system air-conditioner units are economical and an excellent cooling option for smaller homes.

Reverse cycle split systems are built to cool (one room only). They are easy to operate and to install, with very little modification required to your home. Fitted with 24-hour timers, to control and maintain recycled air room temperature.

Multi-Head Split Systems units offer year-round comfort

When you choose to install a multi-head split system air-conditioner unit, you choose a system: which offers multi-room home cooling. With one outdoor unit connecting to multiple indoor units, Multi-Head split systems, are a climate-controlled unit, offering both heating and cooling setting.

If you need multi-level comfort

Dormic Plumbers Geelong will assist; to install, operate and maintain any multi-head split system air-conditioner unit. We are a specialist team of plumbers who will guide you through the installation of a multi-head split system and the little maintenance required.