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Hot Water Service Installation in Geelong

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Dormic Geelong plumbers provide you with the best in hot water solutions. We know there’s nothing worse than a cold shower. We’ll be there to help you install and keep your water hot!
Domestic plumbers Geelong install a wide range of hot water units, including; electric, gas storage, gas continuous flow and Solar.
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Hot Water Service and Repair

Dormic domestic plumbing has been the choice plumber across homes around Geelong suburbs for over 10 years. Our Geelong plumbers can source and install, or service and repair your new hot water service, so your hot water is back up and running in no time!

We replace electric heat pump and gas hot water units and are professionals for all hot water service replacements and maintenance. Dormic Plumbers maintain your hot water system with regular service, to ensure that you have a working system, all year round.

Save on your plumbing costs

If you’re sick of having lukewarm showers, with a hot water system that’s faulty or leaking, Dormic Plumbers Geelong can help. Our domestic plumbers specialise in hot water servicing and system upgrades.

Dormic Geelong Plumbers have been operating for over 10 years. We’re a trusted choice of plumbers in Geelong, for our professional service and local team, available 24/7.

As with any plumbing emergency, we know hot water problems require immediate attention and same day service. Our plumbers are trained and have experienced every possible hot water issue in Geelong. We are fully equipped to fix the most common hot water problems. Our vehicles hold spare parts and replacement (loan units), to ensure our immediate assistance.

Dormic Geelong Plumbers are never far away

Dormic Plumbing is a Geelong plumbing service provider. We guarantee a friendly and reliable same-day service. If you live in Geelong or surrounding suburbs, we have a hot water plumber who will reach you in minutes. Domestic plumbers know the importance of hot water and will attend to any home or business. Dormic Geelong plumbers will service, install, or replace:

We offer advice on hot water systems throughout Geelong, for the maintenance of hot water heaters, hot water services, and hot water units, as they are known.


When you contact Dormic Plumbing, you receive a specialist hot water plumber. Our plumbers will help you onsite to choose the correct hot water system for your home or office.

Dormic Plumbing Geelong guides you to consider a system that meets your needs.
Ask us about hot water system sizes and brands, to suit your space. And to minimise wasting energy: